Meeting Dawn Fotopoulus built a bond for my business and others’

I attended Scaling New Heights, an Intuit-centric conference for QuickBooks ProAdvisors (accountants) and those who work with them, hosted by Joe Woodard last month at the Disney Coronado Resort.

This was my third SNH.  It’s all about making connections and learning about the latest in technology.

Last year I met the most incredible woman – Dawn Fotopoulos, author of Numberphobic.  This year I had lunch with her.  I shared with her how much her program, which increases profits for small business owners by 50% in four weeks, had impacted my business.  We cried, we hugged, and we confirmed that her life’s work is transformational.  My business is living proof.

Money is the last taboo subject.  We don’t talk about it.  We’re not honest about it.  I have heard many times over “show me your checkbook and I’ll show you what is truly important to you.”  And it’s true we tell our life story through the choices we make with our money – personal and business.

We all started a business with a dream of our future; all those things to be, do, and have. I took a huge leap of faith last year, I met Dawn Fotopoulos and she has forever transformed my conversation with my clients.  I ask you tell me about your dreams.  And then I help you put a plan together to achieve them.

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  1. Edwina Glass is an amazing agent of transformation. It is an honor to know her and to co-labor with her. Thank you truly Edwina. Our lunch will always remain in my memory.

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