I know that I am in extremely good hands with Edwina Glass. I appreciate the sense of authority she brings to all accounting-related matters. She has taught me how to better use my QuickBooks accounting software, she has saved me money in accounting fees (approximately 40%) and she has generously provided me with plenty of face-to-face time so that I may ask questions and in general gain a better understanding of my business’s financial footing. I highly recommend Edwina Glass to anyone seeking accounting services and I look forward to working with Edwina for many, many years.

Lora Wiley
Owner, Au Marche

“Edwina at Glass Consulting took my most overwhelming task (accounting, finances, taxes) for my business and made it so easy for me. As a business owner, I have many other things to worry about and focus on and my accounting is not one of them. Edwina is extremely competent , quick to respond, and thorough in her work.

Thanks for all you do for me.”

“I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for coming along side of me and pretty much introducing Quick Books to me. When my son-in-law hired me to help take most of the office work off his shoulders, I asked him if I could hire someone to help me better understand and maneuver my way around QB’s. I then got on line and found your add. After visiting with you on the phone, I knew you were going to be very helpful to me. It’s been nice this past year, if I have any questions or seem to get ‘stuck’, I can call you and you always walk me thru whatever it is I am calling about. It is such a help to know that you know QB, inside-out, and are able to always answer my questions. If anyone I know would need your services, don’t worry, I am on it!

My son went out and bought QB’s and installed it, but is not using it! If he ever decides to move forward, I have already told him, that you would help him get things set up correctly and that he would love the program once he started using it the way it is designed to be used.” Deb

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