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New team member

Garrett Raibble, originally from Prairie Village, KS is a graduate student in the KU School of Business pursuing his M.S. in accounting on the advisory/consulting track. During his undergraduate Garrett obtained B.S. degrees in accounting and finance. His past experience … Continue reading

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Day’s end

Stuff.  My son-in-law is from Poland and he commented on American’s use of the word stuff.  We use this word in so many ways to refer, well, to all sorts of stuff.  Yet we know what we’re talking about.  He … Continue reading

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Suggested reading

Joe Woodard, the host of Scaling New Heights, encouraged us to have a goal for our conference.  He probably suggests this every year and this time I decided to set one.  Mine was to meet some of my mentor-heroes.  This … Continue reading

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Meeting Dawn Fotopoulus built a bond for my business and others’

I attended Scaling New Heights, an Intuit-centric conference for QuickBooks ProAdvisors (accountants) and those who work with them, hosted by Joe Woodard last month at the Disney Coronado Resort. This was my third SNH.  It’s all about making connections and … Continue reading

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A small business guide to financial statements by Glass Consulting, LLC

A wonderful feature of most accounting systems is the financial dashboard. The dashboard gives you a quick assessment of your business by providing key pieces of information at a glance. You’ll see vital statistics regarding accounts receivable, expenses, and a … Continue reading

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Home Mortgage Interest and Unmarried Couples

Article Highlights: • Home mortgage interest can generally be deducted only by a person who is legally obligated to pay the mortgage. • An exception to the preceding general rule applies for interest paid on a real estate mortgage when … Continue reading

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Did You Collect the Needed W-9s?

Article Highlights: • The IRS Form W-9 is used to obtain independent contractors’ tax ID numbers. • Tax ID numbers are required when filing 1099s. • 1099-MISCs must be issued to independent contractors that are paid $600 or more during … Continue reading

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Last Minute Tax Moves

Article Highlights: • Year-end Tax Strategies • Prepay Taxes if Not Subject to the AMT • Pay Off Medical Installment Payments • Advance Charitable Deductions • Be Cautious of Overall Itemized Deductions Phase Out • Prepay Tuition Expenses • Fast … Continue reading

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Five Best-Practice Accounts Payable Tips for a Smoother Cash Flow

Watching the cash balance is one of the most frequent activities of a small business owner.  Besides making sure you have enough cash for payroll and bills, there is another huge opportunity you can benefit from: lowering the cost of … Continue reading

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